Jiwarajka Textile Industries have been our customer since the last 15 years . Our working relationship has led us visualize them more as a partner than a customer and the excellent working relationship between the two companies has resulted not only in value addition at both ends, but also in a win-win situation for both of us.

Inherent in their business strength is the philosophy of meeting business commitments. Added to this is their capability in producing high quality products resulting in excellent reputation not only for themselves , but also having in excellent back lash for us as suppliers that we are able to provide good quality products for our customers.

We have watched them grow from a small time texturizer with capacity of 500 MT per annum in 1992 to a capacity of 20000 MT per annum as of 2009. The excellent track record maintained by them augurs well for any other business entity dealing with them, now or in future.

We wish them well in times to come......................
- Rakesh Gothi,Managing Director, JBF Industries Ltd.